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About Our Courses

     Our courses range from three to thirty-two weeks long and will require a very dedicated person to enter this academy. During training, the student will gain the confidence, skills and knowledge necessary to apply themselves in a position and join a productive professional career team.

     Part one of  training includes basic curriculum. Part two of training is a hands-on experience. Part three of  training includes how to succeed on a job interview. We will provide information on how to prepare you for an interview: what to wear, what questions you will be asked, what to say, etc. So often, jobs are lost during the first five minutes of the interview. It is the goal of Training Academy 4 U, LLC to prepare our students in all areas of their newly chosen career. 

     After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation with a summary of your training experience at Training Academy 4 U, LLC to include with your resume. Job placement is not guaranteed, however, assistance is provided at no additional charge. 

We offer 6 in demand healthcare specialties to serve our students.
               Dental Assistant
        Our Dental Assisting program is a 10 week  course. Monday-Thursday. 284 hours in class and 140 hours of extern in a practicing dentist office. The dental class includes infection control, radiology, jurisprudence, and CPR. Students will take the State Board examination at the completion of the program.

            Massage Therapy
             Our Massage Therapy program is an 18 week course. Monday - Thursday for 500 hours as                  required  by The Texas Department of State Health Services. You will have classroom, and clinic instruction times.You will learn Swedish massage,        Hydrotherapy,  Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Health  and Hygiene and business. In addition to the required  450 hours, you will also            need 50 hours of intern.
Healthcare professionals have found the value in massage for injuries, circulation, arthritis, depression, stress, cancer, pregnancy, and many other aliments. Approved by Texas Department of State Health Services. "This program is not regulated or approved by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges."  
            Medical Assistant
     Our Medical Assistant program is a 15 week course. Monday - Thursday for 450 hours in. This a very intense instructional and clinical class. Students will learn phlebotomy, vital signs, urine analysis, CPR, injections, business office, anatomy, physiology,  and medical specialties. Field trips are a big part of learning and we will be visiting working medical offices, hospitals, labs, and nursing homes. It is vital that our students get a hands on approach by spending 170 hours as an extern in a medical office. Medical Assisting is the fastest growing profession in the USA.According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 23 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, which are expected to grow around 7 percent.
              Medical Secretary
          Our Medical Secretary program is a 10 week course. Monday - Thursday. There will be a total of 316 hours of classroom time and 120 hours of extern. This class is focused on Law and ethics, scheduling, telephone skills, records management, coding and billing, banking and finances. Medical Secretaries are the first person a patient will come in contact with at  the office. This class focuses on the day to day operations in a medical office so the student can walk in feeling comfortable  with the job duties. 

Pharmacy Technician 
 The Pharmacy Tech program at TA4U is 292 hour teaching program preparing students as entry-level Pharmacy Technician for employment positions in facilities anywhere from a hospital to retail pharmacies even to pharmaceutical companies.  Lectures and demonstrations are taught to four days per week,Monday- Thursday. The program consits of 196 contact hours. These hours include classroom instruction as well as an exposure to clinical and "hands on" training.  In addition, the student is required to complete a minimum of 96 hours of externship. This allows the student to directly apply, in a real world setting, the skills and principles of pharmacy technician learned in the classroom.  Also, the student has the opportunity to become familiar with the job responsibilities they will face once they have secured employment.
TA4U's Phlebotomy program is a three week teaching program preparing students as entry-level Certified Phlebotomy Technician. CPT may receive employment positions in all kinds of medical facilities, from hospitals to private laboratories. The program is fast paced and concentrated. 84 hours is dedicated to this program. Students will attend class Monday- Thursday. The first 2 week are reserved for classroom and "hands on" clinic training, while the last week the student will reserved for a 28 hour clinical internship.  Students will learn how to organize and assimilate themselves to become productive and valuable assets as auxiliary personnel in a medical practice.  Broad-based skills useful in clinical applications in the treatment of patients will be taught. General administrative and support skills useful in organizational and business applications common to the phlebotomy profession will also be integral in the overall preparation of the student.  An emphasis will be placed on preparing the student to meet the demands entrusted to auxiliary personnel in today's progressive and high-tech medical industry.


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