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Our Students Success Speaks For Itself 

Kirstin Vance 
The Medical Assistant program is a great hands on experience. Ms.Kelley is an AMAZING instructor with lots of experience!

Katie Story 
Staff is there to help you reach your goals! Ms. Kelley is an amazing phlebotomy instructor, her lectures and hands on training prepare you for your new career

Santra Cortez- 5 stars! 

Evelyn Garcia 
Training Academy was an amazing opportunity where i had the hands on training that i needed to go in the field confident and well trained i want to thank Ms.Kelley for bringing in all her experience in the field with such a hands on approach you cant get that just anywhere.

Chasity Perez 
Attending Training Academy Ferris, TX was a great decision in wanting to enter the medical field. It is very fast paced, but you learn a lot. The teachers are amazing, when you need help they are all willing to help you so that you will do your best because they want you to do your best. Ms. Kelley the instructor is amazing as well she will do everything she can to make sure you aren’t lost. I would recommend anyone to attend. Thank y’all for everything.

Elena Garcia 
Training Academy 4 U was amazing! A huge thanks to Ms. M and to Ms. Kelley! A very fast pace program but so worth it at the ending! A very hands on program

Cassandra Torres- 5 stars! 

Grace Derden
Thankful to have had the opportunity to receive hands on training the past several weeks from Ms. Kelley. I know that my experience here has secured a solid foundation for my career in the medical field, and the knowledge imparted on me by Ms. Kelley has no doubt given me a competitive edge. So glad to have met these wonderful women!
"I feel that Training Academy 4 U, LLC is the best fit for me to start my career. From the moment I began my orientation, I felt at home. I was welcomed and walked through the entire program. Any questions I had were immediately answered and everyone I encountered made extreme efforts to ensure I would be able to begin classes as soon as I was ready"

Jeanette Story
"The staff at Training Academy 4 U is amazing"
"TA4U has small class settings and more one on one time compared to other schools"
"The instructor paid attention to each student and help them along the way"
"I chose Training Academy 4 U because of the location, price, and I had many friends come here and loved it"

Jaime Ray
"The best quality of my instructor is that she is motivating and patient."
"The staff at TA4U is awesome, they want you to succeed"
"Everything was great and I would come back if I ever wanted more schooling"

Frank McLaughlin
"I chose Training Academy 4 U because its affordable"
"The staff at Training Academy 4 U is helpful and knowledgeable"

Maria Gonzalez
"Training Academy 4 U could not have chosen someone better to teach the phlebotomy course. Ms. Kelley is a great teacher."
"I chose Training Academy 4 U because its hands on training form the beginning"
"The staff is excellent, caring and friendly"

Angela Guerrero
"It was a great school to attend.. learned a lot of fun things in only 10 weeks ! I recommend this school to anyone who wants to become an MA. Ms.M is a great instructor and person. She doesn’t give up on us!!"

Gloria Hernandez
"Loved my experience at Training Academy.."

Ashley Caperton
"..You're never too old to go back and start a amazing chapter thank you for the opportunity to better my self. TA4U Rocks!!!!"

Emi-Lu Lopez
"Training Academy was an awesome experience for me. I give all thanks to Ms. M and how hard she pushes us. She is an amazing teacher and is always positive! 
Ta4u is a great school and would recommend it to anyone! Staff in general goes above and beyond to help their students out!"

April Lennon
"Training Academy has been an awesome experience for me. Going into it I was so nervous not sure what to think other than oh my goodness am I going to survive this lol that’s coming from a full time Mom. But I went into it with an open mind and ready to learn. Training Academy has left a special place in my heart especially Ms. Adams. Not only did she teach me more than I ever thought I could learn in somewhat of a short period of time she taught me a level of patience, boost of confidence, having a positive attitude and most importantly see it, feel it, touch it, know it"
Cameron Lea Richardson
"I just want to thank you for running such an amazing school. Everyone has such huge hearts, and it's was a blessing to be one of the students! I recommend this school to anyone who has the interest of any of the classes that are offered! You won't regret it! Thank you all again. Ms. Adams is the dental instructor and she is fantastic! You will love her. She is amazing. I will surely miss her, and everyone here"!
'Stephany Nunez
"I’m so thankful that I chose this school, it was challenging but Mrs. Adams was such an amazing teacher and made it so easy for me to understand and gain new skills for my career. Overall an amazing experience!"
Brenda Arriaga
"Great school,great staff and classmates!! I had the best learning experience here learned so much! I'm glad to have came here to pursue a career that interests me!! I will surely miss it"
Tori Lancione
"Training Academy gave me an amazing opportunity find what I love to do. Everyone here is so encouraging and I cannot thank them enough. The programs are great and you learn all that you need to learn and more! I've never been so thrilled to have joined something!"

Adrian Mendoza
"Amazing learning experience, staff and students were awesome. Will miss it so much"

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